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NASPA Selects Campus Mental Health Pioneer as Exclusive Teletherapy Educational Partner

Uwill teams with leading student affairs association to help 1,200 institutions across the globe expand access to virtual counseling.

Bay Path University Earns National Recognition for Virtual Student Support Services 

Congratulations to our client Bay Path University on winning the Virtual Innovation Awards: Excellence in Delivering Virtual Student Services from NASPA. Bay Path earned national recognition for its virtual support of students during the coronavirus pandemic. Bay Path launched Uwill in 2020 to support its diverse student body.

Boston College and Run-DMC Founder join Uwill CEO for live session on student mental health 

Darryl McDaniels, a founder of the pioneering hip-hop group Run-DMC and sought-after speaker on mental health, will join higher education leaders for a candid conversation about the challenges facing college students at NASPA’s annual Strategies conference on January 14th, 2021.

Pioneering EdTech Entrepreneur to Discuss Industry Trends at Boston Investor Convening

Michael London, a serial Boston-based entrepreneur and founder of some of North America’s fastest-growing education technology companies, will discuss challenges and trends in the industry during a breakfast conversation hosted by ACG Boston on January 14th, 2021

College Students Can Now Access Mental Health Counseling Through Popular Peer Support Platform

Unmasked, the student-run, anonymous mental health platform, launches Dartmouth pilot with Uwill to expand access to professional counseling

College students can more easily access on-demand counseling, thanks to a new partnership launching today between the pioneering mental health platform, Unmasked, and the fast-growing social impact venture, Uwill..

Unbundling Harvard: How The Traditional University Is Being Disrupted

From alumni networking to grad school research to undergraduate admissions, here’s how Harvard University is being unbundled.

Harvard University — and the elite college experience — is being disrupted across many of its core functions and revenue streams. 

Extending the Reach of Mental Health Therapy

College counseling centers are increasingly relying on platforms that provide virtual therapy services to continue helping students cope with mental health issues during the pandemic and beyond.

As the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the ongoing and exacerbated mental health challenges that students face, it has also opened the door to virtual counseling companies at colleges wanting to meet a serious and growing need to provide services to increasingly anxious and stressed-out students.

Bay Path University to Expand Access to Mental Health Counseling

Uwill provides on-demand access to mental health support as COVID-19 continues to exacerbate the mental health crisis among college students

Students at Bay Path University will have a new resource for mental health counseling this fall, thanks to a partnership announced today with social impact startup Uwill. The initiative, designed to expand access to mental health services, will enable students to communicate with licensed counselors via video, chat, or message.

Fairfield turns to Uwill to Offer telehealth for grad students

The university is providing an extra layer of support and mental health care help through the partnership

Recognizing the challenges facing student populations, colleges and universities are working on providing swifter and more accessible vehicles for those who seek mental health care. Many of those pitches and strategies have been aimed at undergraduates, especially first-year and second-year students who have experienced big changes in their lives and to their campuses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Uwill Raises $3.25M to Provide On-Demand Therapy to Students

Here to help is Uwill, a teletherapy startup out of Boston created specifically for college students.

The United States is one of the most anxious countries in the world, especially its college students. The global pandemic certainly isn’t helping either, with a whopping 80 percent of students reporting that their mental health is worsening as a result of COVID-19.

Hip-Hop Legend, Higher Ed Executives Back Mental Health Startup for College Students

Run-DMC’s Darryl McDaniels, Princeton Review founder join Uwill’s $3.25 million seed round

Uwill, a startup that enables college students to connect on-demand with mental health professionals, today announced a $3.25 million seed round led by Darryl McDaniels of Run-DMC. Founded by veteran edtech entrepreneur and EY Entrepreneur of the Year Michael London, Uwill’s seed investors include a who’s-who of industry giants, including Bright Horizons CEO Stephen Kramer and Princeton Review founder John Katzman.

Run-DMC’s Darryl McDaniels walks into healthtech investing

Darryl McDaniels, has now added mental health tech investing to his resume.

In the summer of 1993, hip-hop group Run-DMC was enjoying a comeback after fading from the limelight. The group had released the album “Down with the King,” which topped Billboard’s rap and hip-hop chart and revived Run-DMC to their central place in the rap scene.

“We back on the road. We back on MTV. We touring now. Life is grand. Life is great,” recounted Darryl McDaniels, better known as DMC. But even with his career at a high point, McDaniels struggled to cope with mental health challenges. “Right when this album and video and song drop, I woke up the very next day wanting to kill myself.”